Sunday, April 15, 2012

Day 7. Hello Cupcake.

Hello there everybody. Well today consisted of one meal and one meal only - really bad of me. IT was a free meal day and so that meant going to have pasta/brunch at Filomena - I was actually VERY proud of myself. I didn't go totally nuts and make myself sick at Brunch - I in no way binged. After my sister in law and I walked around and picked up Georgetown Cupcakes - the famous ones that have their own show on TLC "DC CUPCAKES" and also Baked and Wired cupcakes. I had one strawberry cupcake for desert and sampled two others - again a feat for me - given I am a sweets junkie - not candie but I LOVE LOVE LOVE cakes and brownies, etc. However I think with eating clean for even just five days in a row with little to no sugar at all (only in fruits really & carbs) it was all too much for me. I'm not really hungry again. I'm sure I have had my share of calories for the day and I am NOT going to obsess about the number on the scale tomorrow. I am sure that by Wednesday the world will be how it should be and I will be right on track given all the hard work I put in working out, and eating right this week.

See you tomorrow!

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