Saturday, April 14, 2012

Day 6 - 24 Day Challenge - CHEATER.

Long day. I get two "free meals a week" and I was planning on only doing one this week (tomorrow's brunch with my sister in law to celebrate her job offer) but after a grueling 5 hour work session of doing hair and makeup I was hungry, tired and in need of a "free meal" aka "no think meal".

So I indulged - here is what I ate today... One clean meal - one free meal.

Meal 1 8:30 am 2 pieces quinoa bread
4 egg white (3 egg whites, 1 yolk)
Meal 2 11:00 am SKIPPED
Meal 3 2:00 pm 1 bleu cheese scone
1/2 panera mozerella sandwich
Meal 4 5:00 brownie (panera) w/1/2 c. ice cream
hazelnut coffee w/ cream and sugar
1 small bag kettle chips
Meal 5 7:00 SKIPPED
Meal 6 9:00

On top of that I had to take a pain killer because my wrist/ hand is very sore and swollen. I didn't work out but I will tomorrow. Still need to give myself credit for this past five days of PERFECT EATING and 5 days in a row of hard core exercise despite my surgery!

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