Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Day 2 - 24 Day Challenge Part 1.

Yesterday went off without a hitch - I ate perfectly (though I had dreams last night that I ate half a piece of chocolate cake), got my workout in, and took all my supplements as instructed. I got on the scale this morning (slap on wrist, but I was just curious) and I was down to 140.2 - I know a good majority of that was water weight from all the Easter treats but I was still none the less really happy. In the past 8 weeks when I have gained, "water weight" over the weekend, it has taken at least 3-4 days to shed it.

In another news today brings on a new set of obstacles - I am having wrist surgery this morning and so I am not allowed to eat anything or drink water (or anything else for that matter). I have no idea how I will be feeling afterwards so I have asked my husband to make my food for me (chicken is already prepped and in the fridge). I will just take all my supplements the same, and hopefully by tonight I will be feeling good enough for a bike ride at the gym (that puts no pressure on my wrist what-so-ever).

My plan is after surgery to have "breakfast" and just continue my normal day - even when you have things that stand in your way of achieving your goals you must be committed and not let a mental block get in your way! Feel free to share any barriers YOU might be having on your journey in the comments & I will respond with encouragement or suggestions.

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