Monday, April 29, 2013

Fitting in my workout

Baby girl is going to be three months on wednesday! This past month I gave myself a 30 day challenge to work out everyday - which really turned into me working out 5/7 days a week! Which is a great accomplishment in of itself.

Though the local Y has childcare starting at 6 weeks of age, I haven't been comfortable (during this flu season) to take my little one there. So how do I fit it in?

I have three different at home DVDs I rotate, and I go to the Y at night after the baby's evening feeding and when my hubby gets home. At home, my tip to to new moms is this: workout in the morning after a mid-morning feeding as soon as you put the baby down for a nap - don't get too distracted by all your other to-do's. Put the baby down in her crib, or even in a pack n' play next to you, and while he or she is sleeping workout. I find if I wait too long, by the time I START my workout is when my little one is ready to be up again. So do it at the beginning of a morning nap.

At the gym I have been focusing on LEGS, and 20 min of cardio on a bike or glider machine. My legs  took a beating from pregnancy - so don't be shocked if you feel weaker after delivery and the months to follow. I tried to hop back into running at the 6 week mark but a week into it my knees were so achey I couldn't continue - I did some research and believe it to be more muscle related then directly related to my knees. Not to mention I have 10 lbs to go to be back to my pre-pregnancy weight, extra weight puts a ton of pressure on the knees also. So I am focusing on getting my legs STRONG, and getting these ten pounds off before I start my running program again.

The DVD's I use are:

- Jillian Michaels, 6 week six-pack
- Jillian Michaels, Ripped in 30
- Moms into fitness DVD - Lindsay Brin, postnatal Boot Camp

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Hair-rah. Work at Home Mama.

As a hairstylist and makeup artist I have the best job in the world of making other women feel beautiful and confident - or, really, just getting them in touch with that part of themselves that was there all along. I love teaching women practical tips on how to style their hair or use makeup, and though my main cliental is brides (so I do a lot of makeup and updos) I also love cutting.

Before baby was born I arranged a little salon in the basement of my home where I have a stylist chair and great set up. Even though I have taken time off from cutting, and even weddings till May my sister came over today and we had a little makeover session. I cut, highlighted and styled her hair and then we did the works with the makeup. It was a fun creative outlet for me. 

Anyway, today on the blog I thought I would share the link to my hair blog:

My gorgeous baby sister Libby. After her cut, color & makeup makeover :)