Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Day 16- 24 Day Challenge.

So I am annoyed and uninspired today. Very moody and cranky. No particular reason - just annoyed.

I need to remind myself of my triumphs. Like not gaining over my girls weekend. I came home and on Monday morning I was 138.2 - a great feeling! Even after two free meals. My muscles very sore though from the personal training on Friday and Yoga Saturday morning.

I can get back on track - I am on track. yesterday I did well with my eating and kicked some major butt at the gym. My error was putting onion in my veggie/chicken stir fry I made last night - onions always upset my stomach so I woke up very cranky.

I only have one more week of this challenge and I am frustrated with the results. I am being too hard on myself I know - and I need to be excited because I HAVE built muscle, lost weight, and Body Fat. Just one of those days when nothing will make me happy.

All I want is a cup of coffee and I might indulge myself.

Hopefully tomorrow I will be feeling better.

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