Tuesday, April 20, 2010

a real nail biter and other childish habits

I have been biting my nails since... well since I can remember. I have gone through stages of not biting, biting, not biting, then biting again. Currently I have allowed them to grow up - I mean grow out! Much to my husbands enjoyment (who loves a good back scratch)and much to my feeling like I am going to go crazy.

The only thing that keeps me from biting is when they are painted. So I spent about $30 getting all the at home manicure supplies I could find; the base coat, the top coat, color, cutical oil, etc. I do a decent job, I am actually getting better, but I still enjoy the pampering of a mani-pedi. It's like getting a neck message - sure you can manage on your own but something just feels better about having a professional do it. Too bad I don't have $40 to go every two-weeks to Angel Nails.

So today, while waiting for my kitchen floor to dry, I painted my nails and caught up on Dancing with the Stars! Got to be productive in-between housework! :)

Anyone else have bad habits they can't kick?

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  1. You need to come out to Leesburg - there's a place that does a fantastic mani-pedi for $40 ;-) And as for bad habits, I bite the skin around my nails which I think is even worse! I'm so much better than I used to be though. It drives Gene crazy!!