Wednesday, April 28, 2010

etiquette lesson 1. my lipgloss is cool.

Lipstick & lip gloss etiquette:
To apply or not to apply? Admit it we've all done it. So is it okay? Or just plain tacky?

According to Emily Post's Etiquette Guide:

"It’s okay to quickly apply lipstick at the table if you’re with close friends or relatives in a non-business situation, and at a non-deluxe restaurant. In general, personal grooming should be done in private for the simple reason that it can be annoying and it’s tacky. But putting on lipstick without using a mirror and without fanfare is one grooming ritual that can sometimes be performed in front of others. Still, think first! When in doubt, don’t do it, such as when you’re at a business meal or with people you don’t know very well."

The best time for a make-up and hair touch up? After using the restroom, come back more comfortable & refreshed!

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