Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Sorry, I have to wash my hair.

A true "wash and go" hair cut.

I hate washing my hair, I have to confess. It's not the getting it clean part I don't like it's the aftermath of having to blow dry long thick hair that leaves me sweaty and cranky. On top of that it usually takes so long that I blow a fuse! I actually only wash my hair every three to four days, but even when I wash it I literally have to dedicate anywhere between 30 - 45 minutes to dry and style it. It's a hassle. Grant-it I haven't had long hair in over two years and it is just getting to that point of painful dry sessions. I cut my hair off three years ago and I loved it! I had such freedom. I had an adorable pixie cut, and I could wash my hair everyday which was a new thing for me. So in light of this complaining I have already prematurely decided that I am chopping my hair off when I have kids. I refuse to have bad hair when I'm a Mom, and I can't see having 45 minutes to blow dry my hair or much less have the energy to do so! So problem solved. It's going so my sanity will stay! Plus, it's a great cut!

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