Friday, July 2, 2010

Product Review: Bar Keepers Friend

If you have All-Clad this product is for you. If you have any pots or pains that are not non-stick this product is for you! Bar Keepers Friend is basically a buffer that will restore your pots and pans to that brand new shine they had before you ever used them. With a little water and elbow grease this stuff works wonders. I am not kidding. My husband and I cooked steaks in an All-Clad pan because at the time we didn't have the proper non-stick skillet to sear the steaks in. We thought we had ruined the pan, so we took it into a local Sur La Table and this is the product that was recommended. I haven't looked back since. It is great for cleaning stove tops and grease pans too. Just make sure to use a gentle sponge or even a paper towel when rubbing it in because your pans will scratch.

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