Monday, June 28, 2010

etiquette lesson 3. don't interrupt! rude!

6 tips to combat rudeness:

1. Don’t take it personally. As much as we hate to give people the benefit of the doubt - try! Most likely the person being rude is having a bad day.

2. On a scale of 1-10 how important is the offense to you? If it's high on the annoyance scale confront it graciously, if not forgive and quickly forget. Ask yourself, is this worth my emotional time?

3. Set a good example, i.e. don't sink to their level. Rudeness begets rudeness, and likewise kindness begets kindness. If you are rude, don’t be surprised if you get the same treatment in return.

4. Relax, and count to ten. As silly as it sounds when you start to feel angry, taking deep breaths lowers your blood pressure, heart rate, and gives you time to think clearly before you blow up.

5. Laugh it off and change the subject.Excuse yourself, if you must, to do any of the above.

6. Set your expectations in line with reality! Don't expect someone who has a history of being rude to be Mrs. or Mr. Manners, you will almost always be disappointed and frustrated. So instead expect them to be rude and when they aren't you will be pleasantly surprised but if they stay true to form it won't get under your skin either.

Derived from Emily Post Etiquette Guide

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