Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Just returned from a trip to COSTCO. I need a drink and a nap after that experience. I am always surprised by how overwhelmed I feel when I shop there. I always end up getting lost in the isles, because you have to go down almost every single one to find what you need. Plus you always pick up things you think you might need, but really don't. "WOW! Forty frozen chicken breast for only fifteen dollars!" Who needs that many? They'll get freezer burn before you can enjoy them unless your having a big BBQ.

The only good experience I have had when going there was when I woke up and went right when it opened. I was in and out in 30 minutes. But an hour after opening time there seems to be an alternate reality in which the store eats your pocket book and the hours of your day. I always leave wondering, "Did this really save me money?"

Well at least we won't be running out of toilet paper, zip lock bags, paper towels, body wash, or deodorant anytime soon! And by soon I mean in the next three to five months Hooray!


  1. I love Costco :-) And there's always so much going on that it entertains Jonah too. But I do hate how they move stuff around all the time and I never seem to know which aisle I need to be in! I've just started "couponing" (I have a friend who is instructing me in the art) and have discovered that actually Costco is not the cheapest way to buy some of those things. I saved 33% on my grocery bills this week by using coupons. If you're ever interested let me know and I'll share my coupon secrets ;-)

  2. Hey wifey... can I encourage you to take Victoria up on that offer? I hear from Gene she's gotten really good at this!