Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Sick as a Dog.

I remember as a kid loving sick days. Even though I felt crummy my Mother was a stay at home Mom and so it meant I had her all to myself! Oh the love and attention! She would set me up on the couch, make me soup or toast, and I could watch endless hours of Disney Movie's and sleep.

Well here I am again, on the couch not feeling so great. It isn't as glamorous as it once was. In fact I HATE getting sick now. I never thought as a kid that sick days were an inconvenience for my parents. My Mother would have to be chained to the house (which I hate as a stay at home Mom, my to-do list and errands really keep me going), and wait on a sick child hand and foot. Once when I broke my collar-bone I couldn't even sit up when I woke up in the morning by myself, I would instead have to bellow for my Mom that I was awake. Talk about stressful.

All in all my days are totally shot when I get sick. I'm sure it won't be as bad when I have children home sick (versus me being the sick one) because I can still do things around the house. But right now I don't have enough energy to clean or cook, and so my hubby comes home to a dirty house and no dinner. He is a prince though, last night he came home and totally took charge by making us a wonderful dinner, and then I went to bed at 9:30. I woke up this morning still feeling under the weather knowing I was going to have to sleep this one off, I tried to clean the kitchen after breakfast but it just wasn't happening. The dizziness, the headache, my body aches! I wish my Mom where here to clean the house for me, pack for the trip we are taking on Saturday, turn on the Sex & the City movie for me, and make me toast!

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  1. try being sick WHILE your kids are sick! Now that's fun in a box- a tissue box, that is.