Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day

My Mother

She is a willow tree.
She is the summer wind.
She is a mighty oak.
And a river bend.
She is a hidden garden.
A mystery.
She is a humming bird.
She is sweet tea.
She is lip stick.
And bubble gum.
She is a wild thing.
And the wise one.
She is my shoulder.
And my secret keeper.
The comfy couch.
The put to sleeper.
She is the song I hear.
And bedtime prayers.
A whisper in the ear.
A talk on the stairs.
Heart of my heart.
Sweet friend.
The Mother I hope I can be one day.

"Wherever you go. Whatever you do.
I'll always be your Mom and I'll always love you." - j.v.
Happy Mothers Day!

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