Friday, May 7, 2010

Dye it.

I have had almost every hair color you can imagine (think Scarlett Johansson - famous for having every color under the sun). This is the first summer I am considering not highlighting my hair. I am a natural strawberry blonde, but since I was 13 I would always add highlights this time of the year to "brighten up my look" (thank you Seventeen Magazine). This year I will dare to see what happens naturally - how much my hair will lighten up on it's own with just the sun and beach water. I'm hesitant because I actually really truly love having super blonde hair, but I also love how healthy my hair feels now.

So the other hairy matter I am wondering about is all the side effects of dying and bleaching your hair. I know when a woman is pregnant she can't dye her hair (no Mom, I am not pregnant), so if you get pregnant during one of your hair coloring "cycles" you could end up with really really scary bad roots. Some of you may be laughing, but if I am having a BAD HAIR DAY it can end up being a BAAAAAD day!!! I guess it's the Southern girl in me?

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