Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Like a Rolling Stone

Motherhood is not a Rolling Stone - when you get things going you think you are a Rolling Stone as you are going along, leaping over one thing then the next. "I am a rolling stone" you think, "nothing can stop me" you say, to then hit a brick wall. It is an abrupt stop. You could be mad - you could be beside yourself, as your day seems to come to a screeching halt. Or you can see the beauty in it. That is the beauty of children - they make us stop, silence our busy day, put on lullabies and turn the lights down, they make us remember we too need rest, and quiet just as much as they do. So yes I was on a roll today, thought I was going to get EVERYTHING checked off, but I haven't, and that is okay. My daughter is asleep happily in her safe, cozy crib, and I am getting to sit in the stillness and reflect on God's word and unpack us from our wonderful family vacation. No I am not "doing what I was supposed to" but that is okay. I am here instead and here is a beautiful place.

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