Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween. Nutrigrain vs. Fun Dip.

My house is a junk food free house, for the most part. I keep raw sugar and flour on hand to make homemade treats every once and awhile. It's been an adjustment, but it's worth it.Friends and family know that unless I am hosting a large group of people at my house there are not going to be snacks lying around. Okay correction, there will not be processed food around. Because of this change we snack less and when are snacking it is usually on something that does not create a sugar high and crashing headache 30 minutes later.

However, Halloween is the exception to my no-sugar rule (I purchase nothing packaged with over 5g of sugar). On Halloween I don't mind buying sugar and chocolate candy for the local neighborhood kids because it's once a year, and it's fun! Last night we passed out Fun Dip. It was a huge hit. Kids were so excited!

As the night rolled on I noticed kids with something interesting in their bags... Nutrigrain bars. No lie. I was appalled. I'm all for eating healthy and right, but these bars are just as processed and useless as the Fun Dip. When I first got a peak into one of the kids bags and the shiny fruit bar wrapper was staring me in the face I was shocked and irritated.

Fist, Halloween is only once a year, and the attempt to make it "healthy" is a joke. Halloween is a unique holiday to our country. When I lived abroad my Italian friends never had the joy of going door to door and getting FREE candy - and yes Italian children love Candy (and McDonald's too :) ).  Now if you are keeping mini bite size chocolates around your house year round, it probably shows, and their are consequences. A constant strain of sugar is toxic it more ways than one : high levels of sugar feeds off cancer, causes obesity, ADD, and so many other health problems. I agree that this processed candy should ONLY be an occasional, seasonal treat. After the joy ride of candy hunting all night kids intake needs to be monitored and parents should even consider (afterwards) getting rid of most of it.

Looking further into the Nutrigrain situation it turns out that one of the fun dip packets and one Nutrigrain bar have the SAME AMOUNT OF SUGAR! Don't believe me? Here are the Nutritional Charts for Both:

Nutrition Facts for one Nutrigrain Bar

Nutrition Facts for one Fun Dip Stick & Packet of Candy Powder

Not trying to start a riot. I just find the facts very interesting. Guess this house will be sticking to Fun-Dip for Halloween.

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  1. To say nothing of the extra carbs, fat and sodium in the "Nutri" "grain" bar! This was a good one Ali!