Monday, September 13, 2010

High Fructose Corn Syrup

I recently was on facebook and one of my friends posted an video from YouTube of the new ads PROMOTING high fructose corn-syrup. Cue the laughter. I know it is ludacris, but what's sad is that I am sure some people are totally believing these commercials. Guess the processed food industry is taking a big hit with all the research that is out about all the processed sugar that is put in our food.

As a nation we are addicted to sugar. It starts when we are only a few months old and gets worse as we get older. Almost all children's cereals and breakfast items are PACKED with processed sugar. I'm not talking the good sugars found in fruits. I'm talking white granulated sugar, and all the other sisters to sugar they put in processed food. It's toxic to our bodies and we have become addicted to it. Simply put these commercials are an outrage and a lie. How do you moderate something that is addictive? You don't and you can't, and we have been fooled for a very long time. You have to cut sugar out and enjoy those sugary treats once in a blue moon - not as a regular part of your diet. The tricky part is sugar is put into almost all processed foods - juices, and healthy items at the grocery store even. If it's in a box check the sugar content. Even the bottle that say 100% juice on the label - read the ingredients.

Wonderful stores like Trader Joe's and Whole Foods actually have juice options that DO NOT have added sugar - the ingredients will simply say "Ingredients: Oranges." The sugar content on the label is what NATURAL sugars are already in the oranges, and your body knows how to do business with these types of sugars.

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