Monday, May 20, 2013

Photos & Mothers Day

So I have been using pinterest and other Mommy blogs to help me stay and get motivated to get rid of the baby weight. I realized the ones that get the most traffic and most useful to me are the ones that update regularly and POST Photos! So I will be doing BOTH of those things more often - I SWEAR!

So here are pics from my first mothers day. I had the wonderful joy to share the day with my Mama, and my Grandmother whom I call "Luli". Also my Aunt Gigi was in town from Seattle.

 Me & Baby Girl on My first mothers Day 

Four Generations of Women - What a Special Picture. 

 Baby Rebekah & her Lala... so sweet.
Laughing! Love this one :)
 Rebekah and Aunt. Gigi

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