Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The New Feminism.

Feminism is not a dirty word, but today it implies so many things few of us would want to identify ourselves as "feminist". Here is an excerpt from a recent article in O magazine written by Gail Collins that I found fascinating. Though I don't agree with every point made, I can applaud and concur with her statement about a "Greater Cause". As women we often spend so much time judging and fighting other women instead of standing beside one another and rallying for the greater good of the world in regards to serious issues that we can ALL agree upon.
"... I know there's a theory that young women aren't interested in this sort of thing, but that's absolutely wrong. Many women do have trouble with the word feminism, but that's been true throughout all of American history, except for about two minutes around 1969. People think it means being anti-man or wearing really unattractive shoes. If we could just change feminism's name to Fred, everything would be fine.....

....Our Great Cause could be absolute zero tolerance for violence against women (refusing a marriage proposal shouldn't be grounds for having acid thrown in your face, and, honestly, what part of "restraining order" do people not get?). Or an end to international slave trafficking for the sex trade. Or equal rights to an education for girls in every country around the globe. Not to mention solutions to the nuclear arms race, global warming, genocide, and all the other challenges that are ours because they're everybody's."

- From "What Gail Collins Thinks The World (and Women) Need Now" by Gail Collins
O, The Oprah Magazine | April 26, 2010

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